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Eyelash Curler in Rosé

Eyelash Curler in Rosé

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Achieve a perfect curl that lasts all day for even the straightest of lashes with the ArteStile Eyelash Curler in Rosé. This Curler is ideal for all eye shapes and features a rubber eye pad so you won't get any pinching or harsh curl lines. Get a long lasting curl without the damage!

  • Made in Italy using ecologically friendly materials and high labour standards so you can shop with a good conscious. 

  • Surgical grade Stainless Steel, can be used on every skin type without a reaction. 

  • Individually handcrafted ensuring that every tool is of the highest quality.

  • Easy to sanitize so you can ensure your tools remain hygienic for each use.

  • Extra rubber eye pad for replacement

    ArteStile // Luxe handcrafted beauty tools made in Italy.

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