2021 Lash Trends & Taking a Look Back At How We Got Here

2021 Lash Trends & Taking a Look Back At How We Got Here

by beauty expert, Katey Kristabelle

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From the moment you tried your first ever mascara you’ve been searching for that miracle formula made just for you. Some of us even lay down for hours upon hours having individual lash extensions carefully applied. We plan our days around lash appointments, our events and vacations can revolve around them. We are obsessed with eye catching, fluttering lashes - but how did we get here and what are some trends we can look forward to in 2021?
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Eugene Rimmel invents the first mascara concept, Coal dust mixed with petroleum jelly. This sounds messy and dangerous, but it's a start.


Canadian Anna Taylor officially patents false lashes made of tiny little hairs sewn onto fabric such as silk.
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Actress Seena Owen popularized the strip lash during her role in Intolerance, guided by director D.W griffith.
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Maybelline releases new “Cake” mascara, the first ever to be sold with a brush included in it’s boxed packaging. This is where the hunt for the perfect mascara brush shape began for us all.
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1920’s + 1930’s

Strip lashes are being worn by actresses, models, and socialites alike. Trickling up through the fashion industry and written about in Vogue.
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1940’s + 1950’s

Icons like Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe make starlet lashes forever part of the classic Hollywood aesthetic. In 1957 Madame Helena Rubinstein invented the first creamy mascara formula dispensed from a tube.
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Mod fashion icons like Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick’s made big bold lash statements a trend by applying strip lashes to their bottom lash line, and even drawing on lashes with eyeliner to dramatize a larger eye shape. The 70’s toned things down only applying mascara to the top and bottom lashes, if any makeup was worn at all.
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Our eyes turned blue in the 80’s, from eye liner to shadows, to mascara. Princess Diana even participated in the blue lash trend at the time. The 1990’s brought us into the spider lash decade. Things got clumpy and chunky, maybe to distract everyone from our very over tweezed brows?
Fast forward to today, and the possibilities are endless. So many brands, products, and lash enhancing services have surfaced. Volumizing, long lasting mascaras, fibers to lengthen, primers to thicken, and serums to grow and fortify our lashes. Lash extensions have become a true art and common luxury service, or you can opt for a lash lift, tinting treatment. I personally have commitment issues and usually stick with mascara or strip lashes that can be removed at the end of the day.
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2021 is all about less layers, and more skin. Minimalist makeup and skincare routines are being mastered to achieve airy, glossy looks. We are saying goodbye to cut creases, over contouring, boxed brows, thick eyeliner, and russian doll lashes that dominated the beauty world since 2015. So, naturally we are transitioning into softer lashes to match. Clients are asking for lighter lash sets, or  choosing lash lifts as a low maintenance way to enhance their real lashes without  wearing extensions. If you are unable or uncomfortable to make lash service appointments just yet, you can use ArteStile’s eyelash curler to create soft lifted lashes from home. Curling your lashes will make them appear longer because they will be more visible. You'll be surprised how long your lashes really are once you shape them out of hiding.
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