The 5 Biggest Beauty Trend Predictions of 2022: Skincare, Hair & Makeup

The 5 Biggest Beauty Trend Predictions of 2022: Skincare, Hair & Makeup

by beauty expert Katey Kristabelle

You might be wondering what the biggest makeup trends of 2022 are or what's trending in beauty this year. If so, read on for our 5 major beauty trend predictions for skincare, makeup and haircare in 2022. 


Beauty Trends For 2022

Brow Lamination


2022 beauty trends, what's trending in beauty right now
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This is a service that gives your brows a gelled look without any makeup at all. The hairs are slicked into place during a perm like procedure to create more shape and dimension to the brow hairs. Downward growing hairs can create the illusion of sparseness within the brows, and lamination is the perfect solution for that. The results can last up to 4 to 6 weeks, and other than not wetting them for the first 48 hours after your service they are very low maintenance. Using your Artestile Tweezers to maintain your shape between treatments can help maintain the shape of your brows while keeping them full and true to their authentic shape whether that be big and bushy, or small and sleek.

Glitter everything


2022 beauty trends, what's trending in beauty right now?

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The launch of season 2 of Euphoria early this year will bring back all the metallic, glittered, and jeweled looks that inspired TikTok trends since the show first aired. We will be seeing glitter gloss, glitter highlighters, and shadows. Glitter nails have already been making their comeback and they’re more elegant than ever before. I’ve been seeing these gold glitter french manicure nails all over socials lately:

@nailzkatkat on instagram

Hair Trends For 2022

“Expensive Brunette” Hair

2022 beauty trends, what's trending in beauty right now

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Brunettes will be having more fun in 2022 as we will be seeing more celebrities go back to their brown roots while adding dimension with some peekaboo highlights to make everything pop. We will be seeing more warmth and richer tones. The new age mullet will also still be making its reign along with some other layered and textured cuts and styles.

Hair Accessories

hair trends 2022

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This trend has major potential. Hear me out, less mismatched polka dotted headband you wore to school in 2006 and more nostalgic hairstyles from the 70’s and 90’s featuring retro scarfs, headbands,hair clips, scrunchies, and hats. Our inner Blair Waldorf alter egos will be fully acknowledged and nurtured.


Skincare Trends For 2022

Less Peeling, More Protective Skincare


skincare trends 2022, 2022 beauty trends

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The days of damaging our skin with the overuse of peels and acid ingredients are over. Skincare is moving towards the protective era with a hyperfocus on caring for, re-building, and maintaining the microbiome of our skin’s natural moisture barrier. Strong skin is healthy skin. I always focus on repairing and soothing inflammation within my facial client’s skin in the treatment room before addressing acne and other concerns. If you can calm down angry reactive skin and bring it back to balance, you’d be surprised how quickly things can turn around for your complexion. We are going to be layering on the skin loving occlusives, mimicking our skin’s natural moisture barrier with oils and waters, and letting ourselves heal.

To read more about the end of acids in skincare and the new trend of skin slugging, read our post Skin Care Slugging: What It Is, How To Do It & Why Slugging Has Become Popular in 2022

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