Back to school vibes for your beauty bag

Back to school vibes for your beauty bag

by beauty expert, Katey Kristabelle 
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The smell of back to school is in the air, and whether you’re actually going back to class or are a working gal, we all feel the energy shift this time of year. Which makes it the perfect time to update your essentials that help get you ready, keep you going, and take off your day.


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Dewy Skin

Let your skin shine through and work with your natural texture. After years of over mattifying our skin, we are going to be seeing more glossy and satin finishes to our complexions.

Natural Brows

Long live the fluff. Just a few minor brow adjustments with your ArteStile Tweezers and your natural brows will be ready for your lunch break selfies. If your brows need a little more emphasis, try brow lamination, or get the look by layering a clear brow gel over a soft stroke pencil application.


Your lipgloss is cool, your lipgloss is poppin but it’s time to add some colour to your pout. Get the look with Glossier’s Generation G Lipstick. 

Mascara Makes A Comeback

TikTok star Addison Rae has a super simple makeup routine but likes to enhance her long natural lashes with mascara. Give your glued on, primped, crimped, and permed lashes a break this season and go back to basics with your favourite mascara.

Liner Flicks

Fox eyes have been trending, and small kitten liner flicks are super easy and give a soft lift to the entire face.
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Inspo from Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney


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Sustainable Skin Is Always In

Consumers are becoming conscious of their buying power. We wanted cruelty free, we wanted clean, and now we are asking for sustainability for the environment. Brands like Herbivore Botanicals have glass see-through bottles and packaging that is recyclable or easy to upcycle. Evanhealy products are sustainable in production as well as sourcing-wise, developing relationships with local organic farmers and always considering questions like will the raw materials I choose be available long term? How will sourcing them impact the immediate and global environment? Do they function on the skin in a progressive beneficial way? Does the product feature an ingredient simply for media embellishment, or does it have a purpose?

Slow Skin Care For Self Care

Skin care, but on a deeper level. Practice self care by taking care of your physical body. It has been time to slow down and tune in. An easy way to do this is to introduce a gua sha stone or crystal roller into your skin routine.


Goodbye 12 step, hello simple 3 step and multitasking products. Oil cleansing is a great way to detox the skin, and using the same oil to protect and nourish your skin afterwards keeps everything all in one.

Moisture Barrier Protection

Fall is usually the peeling season, but this year we are building back our abused moisture barriers after misusing and overusing acids, brushes, and scrubs. Introduce a balm textured product to your routine this season and focus on repairing rather than breaking down the skin.

Facials From Home

Speaking of multi-tasking, do your studying, tasks, and desk work in a face mask so you can get stuff done and get glowing skin all at once.


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Pimple Patches

A must have to get you through stressful skin eruptions. They’re great because they protect your skin and absorb any fluid that might spread from your blemishes.

Aroma Therapy On the Go

There is nothing like a sensory experience to uplift your mood.
Hydrosol Mist Pick Me Up Skin care meets aromatherapy all in one. A hydrosol can be used to refresh your skin throughout the day and boost your mood with some botanical aromas.
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