Brow Trend Alert: Straight Brows


by beauty expert, Katey Kristabelle

woman with hair up and straight eyebrows

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Our bleached brows are growing back but now we're shaving them off. Straight brows are trending and people on tiktok are running towards brow shavers to remove the tails of the brow shape to create a “straight” or lifted look – think “fox eye” without the surgery. Using the correct tools and techniques when maintaining or participating in brow trends is extremely important. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of straight brows, and tips on how to shape your brows like a pro.

woman with straight brows

image via pinterest

Q: Why would anyone want to shave off their brow tails?

A: This is a popular technique amongst makeup artists and enthusiasts who want to create a different shape that the brow hairs won’t allow. Removing the elongated brow tails that can bring the eyes downward can create a lifted appearance to the temples and overall face. You don’t have to remove the entire tail, but creating a higher, straight brow is an easy way to give your look a facelift.

Q: Will my brow hairs grow back?

A: This is unpredictable, everyone’s growth rate is different and it also depends on the hair removal process. If the follicle is being damaged or the skin is becoming inflamed from shaving repeatedly, this could affect the growth rate of the hairs. Ideally the brows would grow back, but there are no guarantees.

kendall jenner with straight brows

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Q: What should I use to remove the hairs?

A: Shavers have been popular, but to prevent razor rash and have more control I would use the precision ArteStile Point Tip Tweezers. They’re ultra fine-tip point will ensure you are only removing necessary hairs to create your lifted look without slipping and accidentally removing more hair than intended. Remember you’re only removing a small portion of the hairs. Tweezing will also remove hairs from the root and create a clean finish, rather than cutting the hairs at the base. Tweezing would be a better option for those with thicker hair to avoid a freshly shaved shadow.

woman with straight brows

image via pinterest

Q: Can I still wear makeup?

A: Yes! Removing the tails of your brows will allow you to experiment with the angle of your arch and shape when applying your makeup.

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