Different Types of Scissors and Their Uses

Different Types of Scissors and Their Uses

We often get asked which pair of ArteStile scissors are the best and our question back is always “what will you be using them for?” This is because the ideal pair of scissors varies depending on its use. When it comes to scissors, the shape and length of the scissor blades make all the difference. To help you figure out which pair of ArteStile scissors is better suited for you, we created this short guide on our different types of scissors and their uses.


Nail Scissors:

The ArteStile nail scissors have shorter, curved blades that make them ideal for nail trimming. The curve shaped blades make it easier to cut along the natural nail shape, leaving less jagged nails and therefore less to file down.

Ideal for: finger nails and toe nails. Can also be used on brows if you prefer them over straight blades.

Tower Nail Scissors:

The tower nail scissors also feature curved blades but they are a bit longer and thinner. This blade shape allows for a super precise trim for areas like your cuticles. This pair of scissors is for more hard to reach and precise trimming.

Ideal for: cuticles & hang nails. 

Brow/Beard Scissors:

The ArteStile Brow/ Beard scissors have longer, thinner, straight blades to trim hair more closely and precisely.

Ideal for: hair such as brow hair or beard hair.

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