How to Transition into Clean Beauty

How to Transition into Clean Beauty

Making the switch to clean beauty can be quite complicated if you’re new to this realm of the beauty industry. Thankfully, there are many trustworthy clean beauty brands out there who created products without the long list of toxic chemicals that are banned from the EU and US.

As you transition your beauty collection into clean, non-toxic items, we recommend to add new products gradually as they are more expensive than what you may be used to. Also, don’t feel as though you need to replace everything that you have. You could have some prized possessions that may be hard to let go of and that’s totally okay!

The key in this transition is to be patient and learn more about what exactly is in your beauty products and know the advantages and disadvantages of keeping them. To learn more about your products, we highly recommend checking out credited resources such as the Think Dirty app, Credo Beauty, and The Detox Market.

Clean beauty is identified as products that are non-toxic and ethically sourced which is focused on ingredients that are known to be safe and effective. The reason why clean beauty has become a growing phenomenon is because the largest absorbing organ in our body is our skin. What we put on it may be absorbed into our bloodstream, which leads to sensitivities, allergies, and other potential conditions. A few toxic chemicals to avoid in your skincare routine would be phthalates, toluene, propylene glycol, BHA & BHT, and fragrance. It is important to be a conscious consumer and learn more about clean beauty to know what works best for you.

Although clean beauty is considered the best route to go in regards to your skin, also keep in mind this transition may need some time for your skin to adjust and purge out old chemicals. Different brands and formulas may react differently for one person so make sure to do a patch test and get samples from the natural, non-toxic brands you're looking to transition to.

This new journey to clean beauty should still be fun! Being informed with a positive attitude is one of the best things to do when making the switch to clean beauty.

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