ArteStile: Made in Italy

ArteStile: Made in Italy

At ArteStile, we believe the beauty tools you use in your daily routine should be held to the same standard and careful consideration as the rest of your skin care. We take pride in our handcrafted tools that are made in Italy, free of any harmful metals or materials, and ideal for all skin types.


Why is made in Italy important?

Europe is a world leader in the cosmetics industry which is regulated by the EU (European Union). To put this into perspective, the EU has banned 1,328 chemicals in cosmetics while the US FDA only banned or restricted 11. Research has shown that the EU takes preventative measures before products become available to the public. This is important because due to high regulations and requirements in Italy, the materials we use in every aspect of our manufacturing process exceeds others on the market.


We also value working with small family businesses, which make up more than 85% of the total number of businesses and 70% of employment in Italy. This ensures authenticity, company values, safe labour laws and sustainability.


Our Promise

Our policy has always been to uphold the highest standards and that is why our products are hand crafted in Italy. When you purchase an ArteStile implement you can be sure we have remained true to this policy and our promise to bring our customers the quality, craftsmanship and experience of Italy’s finest.

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