Caring For Your Skin Without Skin Care Products

Caring For Your Skin Without Skin Care Products

by beauty expert Katey Kristabelle

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Now more than ever, we need to practice self care. Taking time to disconnect from the world and tune into yourself is so important for your wellbeing. Skin care routines are taking over the self care movement, most likely because they are very ritualistic (every morning and night) and are a small way to pamper yourself. But there are many other ways you can take care of your skin that don’t involve any cleansers, creams, lotions or potions.

Facial massage

Whether you use a crystal roller like the one from Artestile, stone tool, or your hands, intuitive touch and massage is one of my favourite ways to truly transform the skin. Massage helps stimulate lymphatic flow, releasing tension and toxins, and can even alleviate puffiness, elasticity, and acne. Massaging your skin is the perfect opportunity to bring awareness to your mind, body, and spirit and let go of any stresses from your day.

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Skin food

The ingredients you put in your body are just as important (if not more) as the ingredients in your topical skincare. Some of my favourite glowing skin foods/drinks are: lime/lemon water, coconut water, celery juice, wild blueberries & other berries, banana, papaya, sweet potato, tomatoes, spinach & leafy greens, cucumber, onions and garlic.


Steaming the skin is such an easy way to elevate your skincare routine on an exfoliating/masking night. All you need is a bowl of boiled water (maybe your favourite herbs and oils sprinkled in) and a towel to enclose yourself in the steam. Spending a few minutes inhaling the steam will give you a chance to take some mindful breaths/release toxins/soften the skin/prep for exfoliation/melt hardened oils/aid in a deep cleanse. 


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Go for a walk

Movement encourages circulation of your lymphatic system, and promotes a healthy glow. Get outside and bask in the day light instead of your screen light.

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Your body restores and regenerates while you sleep. Protect & help your skin heal by catching a full night's rest.

Herbs & supplements

Nourish your skin from within. Some of my favourite skin supplements/tinctures/herbs and teas are:

Silica - to support healthy collagen formation, excellent for hair, skin, and nails

Nettle - High silica content and supports your liver

Thyme - Antibacterial benefits for the skin

Vitamin C - Support your immune system for glowing skin. Full of antioxidants and helps collagen and elastin

Don't touch/pick your face

Keeping your unwashed hands off your face throughout the day is a small but large step to take for your skin. Picking/scratching also causes inflammation, redness, bacteria spread, and even scarring.


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Remember your skincare routine doesn't just start & stop at the sink. So let’s recap:
Your hands are the best skincare tool you have, steam detoxes the skin spirit, what you put INTO your body matters just as much as what you apply on the surface, get outside, you deserve rest, and you shouldn’t touch your face unless it’s at the bathroom sink.

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