Skin Feeling Desert Dry? You Might Just Be Dehydrated

Skin Feeling Desert Dry? You Might Just Be Dehydrated

by beauty expert, Katey Kristabelle

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Dehydrated skin is an indicator that something is off balance and comes in many different forms. It can happen to oily or dry skin types and may feel tight, dry, or itchy, and can appear as lines, dullness, flakes, redness, and even breakouts.

Reasons Skin Might Become Dehydrated:

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has a huge impact on the skin, cold or hot temperatures, tanning, wind, humidity levels, and indoor heating/cooling can cause compromised skin barriers prone to dehydration.

Topically, using drying acne spot treatments, too many resurfacing products, over exfoliating, harsh products or skin washing tools in general can be a factor for dehydration.

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If your diet is lacking water rich fruits and veggies that hydrate the body on a cellular level, but full of salt/salty snacks and caffeine it will also surface on the skin (our body's largest organ and also one of your elimination organs that work in sync with your liver and lymphatic system).

Lifestyle factors like adrenal stress, sweat/steam, swimming, and airplane travel can contribute to dehydration too.

Our skin is our armor, it is always protecting us on the outside, and eliminating toxins or mirroring something happening inside. When you become in tune with your skin and how it reacts, you will be ready and confident to care for its needs.

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10 Thirsty Skin Tips:
Although oily and dry skin types both have different oil levels, they both can lack water levels that contribute to dehydration.

Typically oily skin likes humectants for hydration, and dry skin likes humectants, as well as emollients to seal in moisture. I have "oily skin" and personally enjoy using both whenever my skin needs it.

Humectants are ingredients like hyaluronic acid, and emollients are your rich butters and ceramides.

Use a hydrating mist during humid summer months to quench your skin’s thirst throughout the day.

Always moisturize after coming into contact with water, long days at the pool or beach can be very dehydrating for the skin.

Use a gentle cleanser to protect your skin’s moisture barrier (your skin’s built in moisturizing system).

Try an overnight restorative mask to nourish your skin while you sleep
Space out the frequency of your exfoliating, spot treatments, and drying acid based products Eat your water with hydrating foods like cucumber and watermelon. 
Wash your face and hydrate after you’ve been traveling, especially if it was by airplane.

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