The Best Post Workout Skincare Routine

The Best Post Workout Skincare Routine

by beauty expert, Katey Kristabelle

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There is nothing like a post workout glow. There are so many skin benefits associated with working out, from encouraging lymphatic movement and blood circulation, reducing stress hormones associated with breakouts and collagen deterioration, and stretching help keep the skin firm and strong. However we all dread the troublesome face or body breakouts that can occur from working out. Every good workout routine comes with a skincare routine. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to maintain clear skin throughout your workout lifestyle.

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Change Your Clothes Right After

Tight, moisture holding materials like that of our athletic wear are generally not breathable and can trap sweat and moisture for hours and hours. Always bring a change of clothing and switch out of your workout fit right away to avoid any chance of creating the perfect atmosphere for breakouts.

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Have A Pre & Post Workout Skincare Routine 

Remove your makeup before working out. Your foundations and powders will trap shedding skin all day long, and just like the unbreathable clothing, you don’t want to be sweating in your makeup. Wash your face before you hit the gym.

Thoroughly cleanse after your workout session to dislodge sweat, oils, and debris trapped in your pores. A Gentle cleanser is usually best pre and post workout because if you sensitize the skin, or use harsh ingredients, the sweat might sting or cause discomfort to the surface of the skin as things heat up.

Oil cleansing is a sure way to care for the skin before and after your workouts because you will get a deep gentle clean without over stripping the skin’s barrier!

Cool down with a soothing face serum. Look for ingredients like aloe, lavender, calendula, chamomile, oat kernel, vitamin k, apple, watermelon, and other moisture rich antioxidant fruit ingredients for relief from redness, or moisture loss due to sweating.

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Hydrate Well

Drink your water, and also eat plenty of hydrating water rich foods to rehydrate your body on a cellular level. Coconut water is another amazing hydrator and contains electrolytes beneficial during and after your workout.

Shower Soon After

Ideally, you want to shower as soon as you can after a workout. But I always recommend using an exfoliating or astringent toner on the body to clear away oils and bacteria. You can apply a travel sized spray bottle for easy application and convenience for hard to reach places like your back.

Don’t let your skin hold you back from moving your body and feeling good. Try to incorporate these tips into your workout routine to promote soothed, hydrated, healthy skin.

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