The Story Behind ArteStile

The Story Behind ArteStile

sisters Daniela & Jennifer Di Paolo, co-founders of ArteStile

We thought it was about time we introduced ourselves and let you know a bit about the story behind ArteStile and how it came to be.


First off, as I'm sure many of you are wondering, ArteStile is pronounced "art-eh-steel-eh" and means art and style in Italian.


We are two sisters, Jennifer and Daniela Di Paolo. Growing up, our family had a beauty business that specialized in European products and we worked there all through university and our early twenties. While working with the business we realized when it came to beauty tools there were two types on the market – cheap and poorly made, or higher quality and often times very pricey.


ArteStile was born out of our desire to create luxurious, professional quality tools at an affordable price point for our customers. We not only wanted our tools to be functional and luxurious, we also wanted them to be beautiful and add something special to our every day beauty routine.


Inspired by this and our Italian heritage, we decided to seek out the highest skilled craftspeople and artisans in Italy to make our tools. We have always been fascinated by the craftsmanship, luxury and beauty that speaks to the Italian way of life and we wanted to bring that same quality to our customers.


It was also very important to us that our brand be sustainable and safe for everybody involved, which is why we work with family run businesses and expert craftspeople to create our tools. Our manufacturing process uses old world techniques and traditions that have been passed down by generations and generations of craftspeople. By working with master artisans, we can ensure our products are the highest quality and made to last a lifetime.

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