Tips To Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Tips To Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

by beauty expert, Katey Kristabelle
As mesmerizing as 10 step routines and skincare shelfies have been, you really don't NEED a large amount of products to take care of your skin. So, when you're spring cleaning your products this season, or you're just starting out and building a routine, here are some notes to help you take the minimal route:

Think about your top priority and main intention for your skincare routine to help target what ingredients and functions you'd like your products to have. Dullness? Focus on vitamin c and brightening. Acne? Maybe time for a salicylic acid. Dehydrated? Hyaluronic acid is your best friend.
Now that your needs are addressed, time for some products:

Cleansing is essential. All you need is one gentle cleanser you enjoy using. Oil cleansing is gentle and effective all year round, or many people enjoy gel textured cleansers in the warmer humid months ahead.

2 Have at least one targeted active serum or spot treatment that is going to focus on your areas of concern, such as a retinol, vitamin c, peptide, antioxidant, or acid product (think back to your decided skin priority goals and intentions).

3 Hydrate and nourish. Choose between an oil, serum, gel, or cream based product to lock in moisture when you need it most.

4 Protect! Regular use of sunscreen will prevent many common skin concerns. SPF, and antioxidant rich products will promote healthy skin for many years to come.
Usually your skin appreciates not being over treated. So many of my clients have solved their skin reactions by simplifying their skin care routine. Not only can this way of thinking be better for your skin, it's also better for the planet. Did you know that many of our personal care bottles, tubes, and jars are not recyclable?

When sorting through your products this spring ask yourself:

How long have I had this, do I use this product?

Is it expired?

Has the texture or colour changed, are there any odors?

Did I REALLY need this?

Is it cruelty free? (If that is something of value to you).

If the products are not expired, but you no longer have need or use for them for whatever reason you can use most skin care items on your neck, or hands to use them up without being wasteful. You can also pass gently used (or never used if you're a skin care hoarder) products along to your friends or family members.

Sustainable beauty is a core value many consumers are becoming aware of. Moving forward, a simple step to take towards change is to use your products completely before purchasing new ones. Also be mindful of doubles in your collection. How many of us have 10 of the same lipstick shade? Or multiple different exfoliating products that ultimately serve the same function? It might be time to say goodbye to that 2012 urban decay naked pallet. Clear the clutter, be a mindful shopper, and remember you only really need the bare minimum to get your glow on.
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