How To Get Perfectly Tweezed Brows

How To Get Perfectly Tweezed Brows

by beauty expert, Katey Kristabelle

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We over tweezed, overfilled and now we are back to brow basics. And the truth is, the only thing you really need for good brows is tweezers, (like these ArteStile ones). To get the brows of your dreams, you just need to know what to do with them to avoid circling back to the over tweezing eyebrow era.

Choosing your tweezers and tools

Slanted tweezers are easier for most people to use rather than pointed tweezers. Get medical-grade stainless steel if possible.

You obviously need good lighting and a mirror, but believe it or not, it’s best to AVOID a magnifying mirror. With a magnifying mirror, you can’t see the big picture and will almost always end up overdoing it. Using a regular mirror is better because it allows you to simultaneously see both eyebrows to create balance.

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Identify the structure of your brows

Your brows have a body, an arch, and a tail. The body begins at the bridge of your nose, and the arch should be two-thirds of the way out towards the tail of your brow to avoid “hook shaped” or “comma brows”.

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Plan the shape of your brows

To avoid over tweezing, or to help you envision the regrowth of your brows in certain sparse spots, it can really help if you fill in or map your brows before coming in with your tweezers. Plan out where you would like them to start, peak and end after identifying the structure of your brows, and then consider the length, width, levelness, and areas that are growing.

Start with the strays

Begin with the easiest stray hairs to identify - the ones between your brows and on your forehead, temple, and eyelids can go first.

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Time to shape up

Once the obvious and most irrelevant hairs are gone, it is time to tweeze your actual brow hairs. For crisp clean brows with a defined shape try to avoid breaking the hairs in half by making sure to pull at the direction of the hair growth so you can remove the hair right from the root.

We can take them away, but we can’t put them back. So if you’re not sure whether or not that hair belongs in your shape or not, just leave it alone.

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Put the tweezers down

Don’t obsess over perfection and most importantly do NOT try to over correct a mistake with tweezers. If you overworked the left one, don’t go overworking the right one to compensate in a panic. Knowing your limits, and when to put your tweezers down is one of the most important brow grooming skills you can have.

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