Skin Care Slugging: What It Is, How To Do It & Why Slugging Has Become Popular In 2022

Skin Care Slugging: What It Is, How To Do It & Why Slugging Has Become Popular In 2022

by beauty expert, Katey Kristabelle

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A few years ago, if you asked any aesthetician or skin expert how to get glowing skin, they would be recommending some sort of glycolic acid serum for your routine. We got obsessed with these products that dissolve our outer layers of the epidermis, fooled by the instant plump and shiny appearance, told to layer all the popular single ingredient focused serums, and we forgot that there really can be too much of a “good thing”.

We fired our faces off. Inflammation, sensitized skin, dehydration and reactive skin are all signs of a compromised skin barrier. In 2022, it’s all about supporting the harmony of your skin’s protective layers because truly strong skin is healthy skin and the perpetual, over-use of acids can cause inflammation within the skin. Inflammation = accelerated skin aging.

Slugging Skincare Benefits

New trends like “slugging” really demonstrate the new tone of the skincare industry. We now want to be lathered and lubricated as opposed to peeled and stripped. To “slug” your skin all you need is your favourite oil, butter, or balm. A lot of bloggers are using petroleum jelly, which might have helped your grandma remove her makeup back in the day, but isn’t something I would recommend. Why smother your skin in a by-product of the petroleum industry when you can use omega, nutrient, and antioxidant rich plant ingredients instead? Apply a thicker layer than you usually would to help moisturize and prevent trans epidermal water loss within the skin. It should look glossy and slippery like a slug, ideally this is best done at night time and you’ll wake up in the morning glowing.

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  The Over Use of Acids

My best advice to anyone who currently thinks they are stripping their skin with too many acids, is to limit the amount of days you’re using them and not to layer too many resurfacing products at once. Also just because a product says “gentle enough for everyday use”, doesn’t mean you should use it every day. Switching your glycolic products to more gentle and moisture binding lactic acids, or opting for gentle enzymes 1x per week can also be beneficial.

Long term skin health is in, and short term addictive skincare is out. A well rounded skincare routine will support your skin’s natural functions without completely taking over. If you stop certain products in your routine for a few days, does your skin completely freak out, deflate, get really dry, and so on? If so, your products might be suppressing your skin’s natural ability to do what it does best - regenerate and heal. We are learning we cannot rely on endlessly injuring our skin to get the temporary benefits of the induced healing process. 


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