The 5 Best Ways to Transition Your Skin Care Routine to Spring According To A Beauty Expert

The 5 Best Ways to Transition Your Skin Care Routine to Spring According To A Beauty Expert

by beauty expert, Katey Kristabelle

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As we start to lighten up our wardrobes and say goodbye to heavy winter layers, it is also time to start thinking about how to lighten up our Spring skincare routines. Skin goes through cycles and phases, just like the weather. Spring is the time when the world awakens. Movement is here. Warmer weather lightens our clothing, uplifts our mood, and softens the harshness of winter skin. Spring becomes an opportunity to clear stagnation, start fresh, and plant the seeds for glowing balanced skin aligned with nature’s rhythms.

If you're wondering what your skin needs for Spring, keep reading for five easy ways to transition your skin care routine from winter to spring. 

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3 Common End Of Winter Skin Concerns

During the winter we are battling the constant dry air pulling the moisture from our skin. Here are some common issues I notice my clients dealing with near the end of winter:

Dull/Dry Skin

As golden selfie hour makes its glorious return, you might notice your skin looking full and flat. Dry skin doesn’t reflect the light as well as hydrated skin.

Fine Lines

These are lines that show up mainly around the eyes, and sometimes a little on the forehead. They are tiny superficial lines caused by dehydration and they tend to become more prominent from the naturally dry air in the winter and synthetic indoor heating.

Congested Pores and Texture

Oils are flowing, but our skin becomes as stagnant and frozen as the winter trees. Build up of dead skin cells can trap in gunk and create clogged pores and texture.

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5 Spring Skin Care Routine Tips:

1. Switch Up Your Cleanser

This is usually one of the first things I tell people to do when a major seasonal shift happens. Try to switch to a gentle cleanser to soothe and strengthen sensitized winter skin. Remember strong skin is healthy skin and just because your skin might be congested from the winter doesn’t mean the best solution is stripping away the surface.

2. Lighten Up Your Products

Decrease the use of heavy creams, and opt for overnight masks or a night time balm you can rotate with lighter day time products. Adding more targeted serums to address fine lines, or congested pores will also be beneficial and typically sit lighter on the skin.

3. Spring Clean Your Pores

Constant dry, winter air leads to a buildup of dead cells on the surface of your skin, along with heavier winter comfort foods that can create stagnation that shows up on the skin as dullness. If this sounds like you, it might be time to book a deep pore cleansing facial to reset the skin. Moving your body, massaging your skin, and using a gua sha tool are ways to encourage flow from within. Gently exfoliating your skin from home by doing the oil cleansing method, or using chemical or physical exfoliants can help boost your skin’s glow from the outside while you work on things from the inside. You can also clean your pores with an extraction tool, like the ArteStile Double Loop Comedone Extractor

4. Up Your Antioxidant Game

As we start spending more time outdoors exposed to the elements again, it’s helpful to protect and nourish your skin with free-radical fighting antioxidants. Look for ingredients like rosehip, pomegranate, vitamin C,E, and astaxanthin to create a protective skincare routine for spring.

5. Listen To Your Skin

Don’t overhaul your entire routine all at once, and listen to your skin. It is always communicating with us, so don’t get too locked into a stiff routine. If it feels sensitive, soothe it. If it is feeling dry, lock in some hydration. Your skin knows best and it is our job to support its natural cycle without blocking its natural functions.


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