The 411 On Brow Mapping

by beauty expert, Katey Kristabelle

No matter what style of brows you prefer these days, there is one thing we can all agree on - we want symmetrical brows. We spend so much time and frustration trying to get our eyebrows relatively even - remember eyebrows are sisters not twins! Some people have had their brows poorly shaped, and others have never plucked their brows but they're still uneven. Whether you need help filling in your brows or shaping them with tweezing, eyebrow mapping is the golden ratio to help balance your brows in a way that will best compliment your face.

Keep reading to learn about eyebrow mapping.

What Is Brow Mapping?

Eyebrow mapping is a shaping technique that helps achieve symmetry and create the most flattering shape for your brows. The golden ratio appears in nature, is often used in design, and some of the most beautiful celebrities in the world are said to have a face that is proportional to the golden ratio.

So, what is this magical mathematical ratio? It refers to a number that can be approximated to 1.618. It represents the ideal visual harmony and balance. It’s often used by microblading artists to create perfect brows but this technique can be done for shaping the hairs or as a guide for how you should be filling in your brows to achieve that golden balance.

Benefits of Brow Mapping

- Helps achieve brow symmetry
- Improves ability to sculpt your ideal brow shape
- Ensures brow artist and client on the same page if you’re seeing a professional

    How to Prepare for Brow Mapping

    You should always grow your brows out as much as possible before attending a brow appointment, or attempting to do your own brows. This will help you visualize all of the possibilities.

    What To Expect At Your Professional Brow Mapping Appointment

    With a special ruler , your brow artist will measure the distance between your upper face, brow length, nose, eye corners, and forehead, searching for symmetry to find the best points for the head, arch and tail. Then your artist will use a brow pencil or inked string, to draw markings across different areas of the forehead. Then your artist will proceed with the rest of your appointment whether it be for brow waxing,

    At-Home Brow Mapping

    If you’re the DIY type and feel you have the confidence and patience to try your hand at brow mapping before tweezing or filling in your brows with makeup at home, here are some tips: hold your skinnier makeup brush or pencil alongside your nose - this is where your eyebrows should start! This marking point is a good guide to make sure your eyebrows are not too close together or far apart. Next, hold your brush at an angle from the edge of your nostril and let it rest on the corner of your eye. Where your marking utensil and your brow meet is where the tail of your brow should end. The peak height or angle of your brow is ideal aligning your measuring utensil beside the nostril through the iris of your eye. These 3 points of where your brows should start, end, and lift will ensure you always have perfectly balanced brows to your face shape

    Getting your eyebrows mapped by a pro is a great idea if you feel like your brows have always been uneven and then you can easily maintain them with your ArteStile brow tweezers at home with everything you have learned, or you can use this home-mapping method when you are using makeup to fill your brows in.

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