How To Grow Out Your Brows Naturally

by beauty expert, Katey Kristabelle 

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The brow industry has a saying, “brows should be sisters, not twins”. But some of us are dealing with brows that look more like distant cousins due to over plucking, waxidents at salons and even genes. As wonderful as brow products are, it is only a temporary solution for hiding uneven brows (sometimes a necessary one which is totally fine)! But if you want to give growing your brows back out a go, read on for pro brow growth tips and maintenance.

Brow Rehab

Let your brows grow out for 4-6 weeks before seeing a brow specialist (or try the following steps on your own).

1) Symmetry

During your brow appointment, your pro (or yourself at home) will assess if your brows are level with each other focusing on the centre. You can use the handle of a skinny makeup brush to measure and visualize this balance. Basically, ask yourself if one brow is higher than the other. Comb your hairs out to ensure they are symmetrical and assess if trimming is necessary.

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2) Length

Next it is time to assess whether or not they start and end at the same point. Using the inner and outer corners of the nostril to measure, aligned with the inner and outer corners of the eye are good guidelines to use.

3) Find Your Arch

Your arch will be the highest peak of the brow, whether it is a rounder or more angled shape. Use the inner groove of your nostril as a starting point, and pivot your measuring stick (or makeup brush) aligned with the iris of your eye to find your arch point.

4) Trim Before You Tweeze

Always trim before you tweeze, or leave your length alone. Nothing ruins brows more than a botched trim that creates patches in the brows. But alternatively, nothing creates a more beautiful brow than a good trim. Always brush your brows up and don’t use the brush to press down on the brows - once you let go the hairs will be shorter and before you know it you trimmed too short. LESS is more. Always trim sparingly. If you’re going to trim, do it first because this might affect how much hair you decide to wax or tweeze. If you're looking for the perfect pair of scissors to trim your brows with, check out the ArteStile Brow Scissors. These scissors have straight blades that make it super easy to control what you're trimming.

5) Tweeze or Wax Necessary Hairs Far Away From Your Desired Brow Shape.

It can be helpful to fill your brows in before doing this to ensure you stick to your brow plan. When it comes to monthly grooming, only removing the obvious strays will be best earlier on. Using a good pair of tweezers is crucial for this step. Check out the ArteStile Slant Tip Tweezers for every day tweezing and the Point Tip Tweezers for ultra precise hair removal. 

6) Use Brow Serums

Brow hairs are always growing and shedding and brow serums work by speeding up the growing process and prolonging how long brow hairs rest before shedding. Ingredients like castor oil and peptides could be beneficial ingredients to look for in your serums. Brow serums are intended to strengthen the hairs and hydrate the surrounding skin.

7) Be patient

Fixing uneven brows can take several sessions and depends on each individual's ability to grow hair. You should begin to see results around the 8 week mark especially if it is a overplucking or waxing mistake.

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