Expert Brow Shaping Tips & The Top 4 New Brow Trends in 2022

Expert Brow Shaping Tips & The Top 4 New Brow Trends in 2022

Tips for your most flattering shape, and popular brow trends this year

by beauty expert, Katey Kristabelle

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The secret to good brows is way more simple than you might think. Instead of going for a look that is completely different than your natural shape, all you need to do is enhance your current brow shape, while finding balance between your face shape.

For example, if you are someone with thicker brows it might be best to work with a fuller shape instead of removing a lot of hair and having a regrowth shadow. If you are someone with thinner brows, work with what you have and enhance with makeup or tinting.

An easy general rule is, if you have a more structured angular face - go for a softer rounder brow because “opposites attract”. Rounder softer facial features pair nicely with angled structured brows.

Brow trends come and go, and you’ll never regret respecting your natural shape - or at the very least keeping that in mind while choosing the next trend to try.

Here are the top 4 Brow Trends right now:

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1. Brow Lamination

What is brow lamination?


The most popular eyebrow trend for 2022 by far is eyebrow lamination. The semi-permanent treatment provides perfectly placed, brushed up brows that last for about 4-6 weeks. The process basically involves restructuring brows and setting them into the most desirable shape using a fixing product that helps straighten downward or unruly hairs and improve symmetry. The brushed up shape can also help to fill gaps and give the appearance of fuller-looking brows.

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2. Bleached Brows

Kim Kardashian bleached her brows this summer (matching her newly bleached hair) in a skims campaign. A word of warning: step away from the DIY home brow bleaching, and into the salon. This is a trend best executed by the professionals to avoid skin irritation or damage to your brow hairs.

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3. Fluffy Brows

Thin Fluffy brows vs. Thick fluffy brows

Fluffy brows have been building momentum, catering to the lazy girls among us. Similar to brow lamination, this look is achieved by brushing the brow hairs upward resulting in a “fluffy” inner corner. Rather than creating very defined harsh lines and density with your makeup, you would use very gentle pressure to fill in any gaps. This is one of the easiest brow shapes to create at home (or work with in between brow lamination services). Less is more, being one of the easiest eyebrow trends to achieve at home, you can't possibly go wrong.

bella hadid 90s brow trend

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4. 90s Brows

Thinner brows are in - which is great news for those with naturally thin brows and smaller face shapes. 90’s brows, really have adapted to a “natural brow” in 2022 where it is all about minimalist makeup and the #cleangirlaesthetic. Everything neat and tidy all in one place.

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