The Top 5 Tips For Applying Your Eye Cream

by beauty expert Katey Kristabelle

woman applying eye cream

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Did you know the skin around your eyes is 10x thinner than the rest of your face? It is important to take care of this delicate skin, especially since everyone is going to be focused on your eye area admiring your perfectly shaped brows thanks to your ArteStile tweezers. Below you’ll discover tips to get the most out of your eye cream.

1. Don’t Apply Eye Cream Too Close to Your Lash Line

Eye cream should only be applied to the orbital bone. Avoid applying close to your lash line because small amounts of product can migrate into your eyes every time you blink and due to the heat from your skin. Even in tiny amounts, getting product into your eyes can cause irritation and puffiness. Similarly, you might not want to apply skincare around your eyes too close to bedtime in case your pillow shifts product into your eyes.

woman applying eye cream

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2. Use Your Ring Finger to Apply Eye Cream

As we learned above, application really does matter. It is beneficial to use your ring finger to apply eye products because it is your weakest finger with the most gentle touch and softest finger pad. This makes it ideal for applying product to the delicate skin around the eyes.

3. You Can Use Your “Face Skincare” Around Your Eyes, But Avoid Potentially Irritating Ingredients

You can bring gentle serums right up around the eyes to get all the benefits of the ingredients inside. But since the skin under the eyes is so thin and sensitive, you should choose your products carefully. You might want to avoid formulas with strong resurfacing ingredients or that are highly fragranced, which can lead to watery, irritated, and possibly rashy eyes.

woman with eye cream

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4. Apply Your Eye Cream First

To prevent inflaming the delicate skin around the eyes, it is best to apply your eye treatments before any spot treatments or steps in your routine that might have very stimulating or exfoliating active ingredients intended for skin on the rest of the face.

5. Use Firming Ingredients

I really like eye products with peptides, which are amino acids that are the building blocks of certain proteins needed by the skin and boost collagen production. Peptides in your under eye products can help support the structure and elasticity of your skin. As we age, the epidermis (the outside layer of skin that we see) and the dermis (the layer that holds our collagen and elastin) begin to separate, which can give the appearance of thinner skin and more pronounced dark circles, lines and sagging. Peptides work to strengthen the connection between these two layers to slow aging.

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