Everything You Need To Know About Bleaching Your Brows

by beauty expert, Katey Kristabelle

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Brows always make a statement and getting rid of them is a loud one trending all over TikTok lately with the #bleachedbrows filter and hashtag. Our eyebrows help animate our facial expressions and personality so getting rid of them can leave us looking nearly unrecognizable. Bleached brows create an ethereal futuristic look and have been seen on trending celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Julia Fox and Bella Hadid. We are going to share the pros and cons of bleaching your brows and explain all of the aftercare below:

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Bleached brows look super cool and altering your brows is an easy way to feel a fast thrill while creating a fun look. Plus you won’t have to fill them in in the morning and the rest of your makeup will pop even more against a blank canvas.


Bleached brows in real life won’t look like the popular TikTok filter. The filter lightens your brows slightly, but in real life your brows are either going to bleach platinum or, depending on your hairs, turn a brassy orange tone. If you want lighter brows that are not bleached you will have to come in with brow tint after bleaching, which is not a permanent result. Also applying bleach so close to your eyes is very dangerous.

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How do you safely bleach brows at home?

Remember: To avoid damage or irritation, a bleaching agent must always be used safely and carefully per the instructions on the container. For the ultimate insurance while lightening brows we recommend seeing an experienced professional that can answer all of your questions and guide you through the process.

Do you still need to shape your brows?

Another neat thing about bleached brows is you can totally change up your shape with makeup while your natural brows are faded into the background bleached beneath. Keep in mind that your natural hairs will continue to grow back in their regular colour. Your ArteStile Tweezers and Brow Scissors can help maintain regrowth in between bleach sessions.

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What if you don’t want bleached brows anymore?

When you want to dye your brows back to the original colour, use a facial hair dye or tinting kit that is one shade lighter than your original brow. Bleached brows will soak up colour quickly and go dark easily. Your brows will slowly return back to their natural state the more they go through their regenerating and growth process.

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