Vacation Skincare & Beauty Essentials

by beauty expert, Katey Kristabelle

vacation skincare essentials

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With vacation season upon us, and hot girl summer approaching, it is good to be prepared with the minimalist essentials to ensure you can relax knowing you’re ready for anything with these vacation skin and beauty essentials to keep you glowing while the good vibes are flowing.

woman putting sunscreen on - vacation skincare essentials

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1) Sunscreen

Starting with the most obvious item, sunscreen. There is nothing that kills the vibe more than being unable to enjoy yourself because you're suffering from a painful and uncomfortable burn. Make sure to have a travel sized spf with you in your carry on luggage to ensure you won’t be without it incase anything happens to your checked baggage.

woman with hat and sunscreen - skincare essentials

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2) Hat/Visor

Sunscreen is great, but protective sun gear is better. Shading your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays while you are sitting poolside sipping margaritas all day during peak sun hours is so important. Speaking of which, margarita burns are a real thing and they occur when citrus juice lingers on the skin and gets hit by direct sunlight. The result is a serious burning reaction that can last up to a month in some cases. Finding the shade, and wearing the shade, is part of practicing safe suncare.

3) Nourishing Balm

You'll want to pack an emollient and/or occlusive nourishing balm that you can use in different ways to protect your vacation skin. You’ll want to slug with it during drying airplane flights to prevent moisture loss, soothe and replenish the skin after a long day in the sun, salt, pool, wind, and sand, and use it as an overnight treatment to wake up ready to glow and go to the adventures ahead.

ArteStile travel grooming kit - post vacation skincare

4) Travel Grooming Kit

Skip the agony of wishing you brought your tweezers, or calling down to the front desk when you need scissors and pack your 4 Piece Luxury Grooming Kit by ArteStile. The kit includes easy to use slant tip tweezers, straight scissors, nail clippers, nail file and a bonus travel comb and brow brush. Stray eyebrow or bikini line hair - you can tweeze it. False lashes too long - you can trim them. Break a nail - you can clip them. Girls night manicure party - you have a file. The travel comb is perfect for keeping your sleek beach bun hairs in place, and I personally can’t live without a brow brush. No unblended dinner makeup brows for you or your crew.

5) Hair Mask

What might seem like an add on during your homecare routine is a total essential on vacation. Ocean salt water and chlorine in swimming pools are very dehydrating for your hair. To avoid damage and feeling like a scarecrow with hair made out of straw, pack a hair mask you can use throughout your trip for extra protective and conditioning benefits.

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